Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are pesky bugs which can spread readily in your house . They are red in colour and are small and flat when unfed and become darker in colour and swollen when given access to a food supply. 

What do they eat? You. Especially, human blood. They’re drawn to warm-blooded creatures so that your pets might also be a goal. Bed bugs can reproduce quickly, laying up to 3 eggs daily that could hatch in 21 days. But where do bed bugs come from? We recorded down below popular areas where they may be found. Be cautious when on these places!

Where do bed bugs come from?

Hotel Rooms

This location frequently accommodates a nonstop quantity of tourists. The constant coming and going of people may increase the possibilities of a person carrying out a bed bug. These pests are known to latch on to people’s clothing and possessions and travel far areas. A traveler will visit a number of different places before returning to his hotel room, so who knows where these people sat? Even 5-star resorts can be infested with bed bugs.

These bugs may hide not simply on the mattress but also on the walls and mattresses. If you’re using a hotel room, take care when placing your luggage near beds, walls, or on the ground. Bed bugs can live anywhere, but they search warm hiding places more. Bearing this in mind, there may be less chance of bugs on metal surfaces.

Hotel Rooms are a source of bed bugs - Super Exterminators NYC

Common Public Places

Public areas are hot spots for bed bugs too. Be cautious with all the chairs in cinemas, waiting rooms, restaurants, as well as offices. These places are often populated with lots of people all of the time, which leads to more food sources for these insects. These indoor settings are often air-conditioned, meaning bed bugs aren’t exposed to high temperatures that could kill them. Be careful around these areas since these bugs could also be latching onto your clothing.

Mass Transportation

Exactly like hotels, buses, taxis, and even planes can become houses for bedbugs. Be careful especially when you must sit on cushioned and upholstered chairs that are appealing hiding places for these insects. If you can elect to stand in the bus or chair on metal or plastic seats. Always check your clothing and possessions after coming home. If possible, place your clothes in a hot wash immediately.

Mass transportation as a source of bed bugs - Super Exterminators NYC

Used Furniture

Avoid taking home used furniture with you. You could be taking an infested thing unknowingly. Indications of a bed bug infestation include dried blood stains, molten skin, white eggs, and fecal stains that look like mark stains.

If you prefer to collect vintage items, be certain that you thoroughly inspect each crack and crevice before placing these inside your dwelling. Prevention is far better than suffering from a surprise infestation in the future. Speak to a specialist pest control business to eliminate bed bugs in your dwelling.

Personal Belongings

Apart from your laundry, these pests can also hide in the personal things which you bring with you everywhere. This includes hats and bags which you place on arbitrary surfaces when outdoors. Your child’s stuffed toy is also a hiding place for these bugs! The cleanest belongings can bring bed bugs. They don’t seek dirty places specifically.

Personal belongings can be a source of bed bugs - Super Exterminators NYC

A Friend's House

A friend could be someone you trust, making you more inattentive when coming back from their location. They might not tell you even if they are aware that an infestation is moving in their house, so treat their place like a hotel room. Check your clothes and possessions after coming home.


Before you experience an infestation into your house, it’s necessary to understand where do bed bugs come from. Through that, you can be careful in bringing them home with you. It’s a common error to think that these pests decide to hide in filthy places. This just occurs by chance as some secondhand furniture where they remain are dirty and old. They like warm areas and will seek homes in cracks, holes, and cracks in walls, furniture, flooring, and even personal possessions.

For those who have a bed bug infestation in your home, consult with a professional pest control service to resolve your problem once and for all. Home remedies can be effective for a while but bed bugs may hide in difficult to reach areas and can replicate quickly. If you are interested in a free consultation, contact us.

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