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Super Exterminators keeps your home and family sheltered from unwanted pests throughout the year. Our pest control specialists takes the opportunity to get to know you and your house, so we’re able to provide personalized, minimally invasive pest management remedies to help keep pests and the damage they could do away.

We understand that no two properties are exactly alike, so when you choose Super Exterminators, we’ll start with a comprehensive, on-site inspection and put our years of experience and scientific solutions to work for you – with an environmentally friendly plan made just for your home.


Super Exterminators offers the maximum level of pest control services. Our experts will visit your home to conduct a comprehensive inspection, develop an extensive pest removal plan and implement solutions in the safest and most effective way possible. Take back control of your premises from the next common residential pests.

As a homeowner, you do what you can to keep up with the maintenance that includes a house. You need to protect your investment while at the same time protecting your loved ones. When pests get into your house, they threaten both. Pests will damage your possessions and structure, in addition to exposing your family to harmful ailments. Protecting your home and the people inside is simplified by Super Exterminators.

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We provide residential protection programs throughout New York including quarterly support and service. Even if you've got the cleanest house on the block, there are times when pests and insects may enter. We'll establish a regular schedule to control your particular issue.

You can expect only the best from Super Exterminators once we work in your house. Our technicians will inspect your home for damage and signs of any infestation. Then we will put together a treatment plan that's environmentally friendly and effective for you and your loved ones.

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Our service combines the most advanced technology and methods available today. This means your customized strategy was made to get pests out of your house and keep them out year-round.


We will inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and outside, for potential or present pest problems


We will treat the perimeter of your structure with the appropriate materials, eliminate all available spiderwebs and wasp nests, and utilize the safest methods available


We will do everything we can to keep insects out; seal, caulk, plug and protect openings and cracks


We will take care of the interior of your home and install pest monitors in crucial areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages

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We will stay in contact between our regularly scheduled visits and respond to some immediate needs

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