Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can leave itching bite marks all over your body if you’re attacked, which may result in lots of discomfort. You probably won’t know you’ve got them till you’re bitten and once on your bed that they might also be in your cupboard and clothes. Do not take chances with bed bugs, and contact us immediately on signs that you might have a bed bugs. 

Signs that you have bed bugs include Blood spotting, fecal marks, egg cases on mattress. If you travel frequently (especially internationally), then common places you could bring back them are from infested motels, backpackers or resorts.

Bed Bug Quick Facts

Bed bugs have made a resurgence in New York City area and several individuals are understandably concerned! With Super Exterminators, you have come to the perfect location. We are the bed bug control specialists of New York City and we’ll help you deal with these pests.

Here are a few truths about bed bugs

  • Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that feed on creatures that are parasitic, usually humans. They are brown in colour and immediately change to dark reddish following a blood meal.
  • They’re considered nocturnal and generally feed at night on sleeping hosts. But, bed bugs will feed during the day if they’re hungry and given the chance.
  • They find a host by discovering the carbon dioxide and heat given off from the host.
  • They have special mouth parts to have the ability to pierce the skin and draw blood up. The mouth parts consist of 2 tubes; one tube exerts an anesthetic together with anti-clotting saliva and another tube is used to draw the blood up to the body.
  • It’s the saliva which causes the swelling and itch of the sting.
  • Female bed bugs can deposit up to five eggs per day and 500 during their lifetime. Eggs hatch in 7-20 days depending on temperature.
  • Adult bed bugs can survive 6-12 months without a blood meal and need just 3-5 minutes to complete their feeding.
  • They aren’t indicators of unsanitary conditions. These pests will infest the most extravagant resorts or the most humble of houses if they could get inside.
  • They don’t transmit any diseases as far as we know.
  • They’ll travel long distances to have a blood meal. Some estimates are up to 100 feet back and forth in their harborage websites. But, bed bugs usually stay much closer to their own hosts.
  • They don’t remain or attach themselves to a host to find a blood meal. After feeding, they’ll run off the host and scurry back to their hiding places.
  • They will often congregate in harborages.

Bed Bug Quick Facts - Pest Library - Super Exterminators from NYC

Where can you get bed bugs?

Some favorite locations that you may pick up these pests are; gym lockers, buses, taxicabs, trains, airplanes, cruise ships, and movie theaters. Essentially, you can get bed bugs from any public place people gather and spend some time.

What can you do to help prevent bringing these pests into my dwelling?

Awareness is the first defense! When coming home from a journey, whether foreign or domestic, examine your luggage, purses and carry-on things for bed bugs. Make certain to examine any gifts you might have brought home. Wash or dry clean all clothing items.

A Backgrounder on Bed Bugs

Bed bugs go through several life changes to become adults and require blood vessels at every stage. Bed bugs feed on the blood of hot bodied animals, like humans, however they only need 4 meals annually.

What can you do to help prevent bringing these pests into my dwelling?

Bed bugs go through several life changes to become adults and require blood vessels at every stage. Bed bugs feed on the blood of hot bodied animals, like humans, however they only need 4 meals annually.


  • Bed bug eggs are several millimeters and clear to whitish in appearance
  • Adult bed bugs are brown in color but turn a reddish brown after a feeding
  • As adults, they’re about the size of an eraser on a pencil


  • Bed bugs harbor in cracks and crevices during the day and come out for their blood feedings at night
  • Hence their name, they are often found in beds one of the mattress, box springs, rails, frame, headboard and footboard
  • Can live in hospitals, hotels, and public transport
  • They have an affinity for 80% humidity and 80 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Although bed bug bites can be painless, most people develop small red bumps on their skin as an allergic reaction to the saliva injected
  • Have been found to be infected with roughly 25 difference diseases


  • Necessity of a complete and comprehensive treatment by a professional pest control firm
  • Vacuum and clean infected area paying close attention to cracks and crevices
  • Clean bed frame, such as baseboard and headboard with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and hot water
  • Use a mattress cover for mattress, box spring and pillows
  • Seal shoes, linens and clothes in plastic bags to sit in a hot area

Hazards that come from bed bugs - Super Exterminators in NYC

Bed Bug Treatment

If you miss only one pregnant female bed bug you can be reinfested with over 300 adults and 1000 fresh eggs in 3 months.

Bed Bug Control & Removal Service

Bed bugs are troublesome household pests. They are sneaky, hard to find, and can pose potential health risks for you and your loved ones. Equipped with pest management capabilities backed by science, over 100 years of experience, and advanced instruments and products, Super Exterminators is well-equipped to estimate your bed bug problem and mount a tactical reaction to clear your house of the pest and offer maximum protection.

Inspection & Treatment For Active Infestations

To the untrained eye, rooting out a bed bug infestation can prove to be difficult, and even when detected, home remedies and over-the-counter deterrents are often ineffective. Using our standard protection procedure, a highly-trained Super Exterminators’ specialist will evaluate your house, implement a solution, and monitor action to ensure the effectiveness of our efforts and provide added reassurance.

Ongoing Bed Bug Detection Service

Bed bugs grow quickly, and in only six months, a few can become a full-blown infestation of 13,000 or more. Detection is crucial to break the bed bug life cycle before they become a larger problem. Super Exterminators Pest Extermination Service gets to the root of the problem with targeted inspections of bed bug hiding places in your house and ongoing monitoring to ensure the pests never return.

Continuing bed bug detection service might not be available in most markets. Inspection fee may be crucial for bed bug detection.

Bed Bug Control & Removal Service - Super Exterminators in NYC

What to Expect From Super Exterminators' Bed Bug Service

Bed bugs can multiply quickly, so early detection is important to help prevent a much bigger infestation. Our integrated A.I.M. protection procedure works to assess your house, implement solutions, and track any bed bug problems you may face.

In Super Exterminators, we never stop learning from bugs. We use the most recent technology and unparalleled training, so we can safeguard your house with an effective strategy suited to your precise needs.

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